The James Bond Roulette System

007, the secret agent of the English Crown, is a skilled table games player. He excels at Baccarat, Poker, and Roulette. Throughout his many adventures, his strokes of genius have won him vast stacks of tokens. In Roulette, 007’s playing technique even has a name, the “James Bond system”.

This is all fiction, of course. What 007 does in the casino isn’t possible in real life. The James Bond system is a method for crazy high rollers.


007 Roulette System
James Bond wins at the casino

James Bond wins at Roulette

Let’s take a closer look at Agent 007’s method, and see if fiction overtakes reality.
Did James Bond invent a winning casino Roulette system?
The short answer; no.

How the James Bond system works

The 007 technique is easy to implement. It’s a flat system with no variation in the betting amounts on the roulette table. On each Roulette spin, you have to place three bets adding up to £200.
To make it easier, betting with £10 chips is the simplest way. It takes 20 units of £10 to get started on each spin of the Roulette wheel.
Here’s what it looks like:
14 £10 tokens = £140
£140 on the outside bet [19-36]; payout = 1:1.

5 £10 tokens = £50
£50 on the inside bet 13-14-15-16-17-18 (the 6-line bet); payout = 5:1.

1 £10 token on Zero = £10
£10 on the 0 square; payout = 35:1.
The bullet points below explain the system stakes. James Bond bets £200 every time! However, the system is adaptable in proportion to your budget. A good trick is to bet £20 on each spin. With a £200 budget, that’s ten consecutive bets.
Betting strategy to win at Roulette

The James Bond logic

The James Bond technique covers 25 numbers on the wheel, which gives you 25/37 in terms of winning odds. It’s a little more than 2 out of 3. In theory, out of 3 consecutive bets, two wins.

Below are some practical winning moves of the James Bond system:

  • If the winning number is 19-36, you win £80,
  • If the winning number is 13-18, you win £10,
  • If the Zero box wins, you win £160.

The above examples consider the product of losses and gains: the displayed results are the final gains.

Win by setting a limit

Did Agent 007 invent a winning system? No, unfortunately, his “magic formula” can’t guarantee a win every time. In fact, the only way to come out on top is by stopping playing as soon as you score a positive result. The most common strategy is to double your winnings and then leave the casino. Of course, luck is always part of the equation.

The house always wins

James Bonds’s gaming system is by no means foolproof. We tested his playing technique on UK online casino sites with fake chips, and after ten rounds of Roulette, we lost everything.
007 comes from author Ian Fleming’s novels; in real life, the reality is different. Frankly, no one can beat the casino with a betting system. Only Mr. Bond can succeed. Whether you use one playing technique or another, the rules of the game always benefit the house. The same goes for card games and slot machines.

Don’t play like James Bond

The James Bond winning system doesn’t guarantee results it’s only a theory. According to professionals, the 007 method is for beginners who want to have fun. High rollers shouldn’t confuse fiction with the real world.
The 007 technique is for two-thirds based on a full number and a six-number bet. These two bets, on external chances, are risky. Indeed, the least risky Roulette methods are those based on simple odds (colors for example). Moreover, James Bond doesn’t say that the French Roulette variant = pays the best. In the 007 films where the secret agent plays Roulette, he places his bets on European Roulette.
If Mr. Bond was indeed a gambling expert, he’d choose French Roulette as it has the highest payout rate.

Tips for winning at Roulette

It’s always useful knowing tips to boost the odds of winning at Roulette. These playing techniques are better than the James Bond method. The New Zealander Joe’s blog, a connoisseur of Roulette, goes into detail about handy tips. His Online Casino Tech website highlights the Martingale technique, an online Roulette system with some tweaks. Thanks to Joe, you can reduce the house advantage and play better than James Bond.
Always keep in mind that there aren’t any foolproof ways to beat the casino!