Online Casinos in the UK – Reviews and Comments

Reviews in the UK

With nearly one hundred online casinos on the internet in the UK, it’s not easy to know which site is the most reliable. You can find contradictory information in the opinions and comments sections on UK casino guides which can be confusing. In the case of the proven slots site Villento Casino, there’s a mix of high and low ratings on various guides. This online casino, which ranked as highly reliable by experts, shows that the opinions published on the internet aren’t always relevant.

Relevant reviews

The expert opinions in our guide are as useful as they are reliable. In order to provide trustworthy reviews to our site’s visitors, it’s crucial to have a neutral and impartial approach. You can be confident that all the online casinos listed in our guide have been thoroughly tested. Out of all the online casinos in the UK, we only recommend sites which treat players fairly (Villento Casino, UK Casino Club, etc.). It’s important to know that Online Casino Today always favours the interests of the players over those of the online casinos.
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Avoiding online casinos with biased opinions

Unbiased and trustworthy comments
It’s vital to choose an online casino with authentic reviews. Even though this is OCT’s policy, it’s not the case for every UK casino guide. Sadly, some of these guides are promoting online casinos which are total scams. These gambling sites that scam players (rigged games, non-payment of winnings, etc.) tend to be based in Curaçao (but not exclusively). Curaçao doesn’t comply with the UK’s laws, let alone those imposed by the United Kingdom Gaming Commission (UKGC).
Avoid betting your hard-earned money at a fraudulent casino by verifying it’s not linked to Curaçao. Remember, if you’re looking for a trusted UK online casino, ensure that it’s got the UKGC stamp of approval.

Testing UK online casinos

Our team tests online casinos in the UK and their games. Our testers, who are also players, use strict criteria to identify the most valuable online casinos. Thus, determining which online casinos are the most worthwhile.

Online casino reviews – Are they all reliable?

As we talked about at the beginning of this post, you can’t trust every online casino. Typically, online casinos to avoid often have fake positive reviews written by associates. Not all reviews posted on casino guides are always reliable, so you have to be vigilant, especially if you’re a beginner. Even if most players don’t get ripped off, there are still some users who are fooled by false reviews.

Reliable online casinos in the UK – Our opinion

A trusted online casino must be certified on British soil. In the UK, players are fortunate enough to rely on online casinos registered with the United Kingdom Gaming Commission. If you want to register at one of these 100% trusted UKGC online casinos, OCT is the place to go.

Which online casino should I choose?

In our opinion, UK Casino Club is the number one choice. This online casino has received the best reviews in our guide. Furthermore, links to London casino sites only add credit to our reviews. You have access to first-class online casinos with the online casinos featured on our site. We are proud to be one of the only guides to give priority to protecting the interest of players over anything else.
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Important information

First of all, it’s always smart to go with an online casino recognised in the UK. Mainly because it means there’s a guarantee that the casino’s online games are fair. Lastly, you want to be sure that any confidential personal data remains private and that payment methods are 100% secure.

Ban on credit cards

Please note that UK casino sites no longer accept credit cards as a payment method since it was legally prohibited. So, avoid any casino site that still accepts credit cards as a payment option! This year, the UKGC, prompted by Boris Johnson’s government, banned betting with credit cards (source: on any gambling site. This restriction was put in place to prevent the most vulnerable players from playing with money on credit. Today in England, it’s only possible to play at casinos with unborrowed money. This limit has been imposed on online UK casinos as well as in British land-based casinos.