UK Casino Sites Accepting Credit Cards

Credit card casino betting ban in the UK
Are there any online casinos that accept credit cards in the UK? The answer is yes, but don’t get too excited! You’d be wrong to think that there’s an honest casino site where you can use a UK credit card. In fact, using a credit card on UK casino sites was banned on 14th April 2020. As a result of this ban, no online casino has the right to offer credit card options. And, according to international law, this should be the case for casinos outside the UK too.

Non-UK casinos allowing credit cards

Even if a non-UK online casino offers this option, you should never register there. Why? Quite simply because it’s now only offshore casino sites offering credit card options to players in the UK. These offshore casinos are illegal. They aren’t controlled, and they offer an unfair gaming environment. Of course, there are trustworthy international casinos out there, but since these casinos comply with UK laws, you won’t be able to use a credit card. In addition, for a casino to accept UK players the United Kingdom Gaming Commission must authorize it.

Alternatives to playing online with ease

The best way to gamble at online casinos from the UK is with a debit card. You can also make a bank transfer, use a voucher, or go through PayPal. As long as the funds you’re using aren’t linked to credit, it’s allowed.
The debit card is the most popular deposit method at UK casinos
To date, debit cards are the most used deposit method on gambling sites in the UK. In fact, even in the City’s most popular gambling house, customers have become accustomed to this trend.

The UK Lottery – the exception to the rule

In the matter of national interest, the lawmakers passed an exception in favor of the National Lottery. You can purchase lotto tickets in shops or online with a credit card.
Credit cards are accepted at the UK national lottery
What’s the reason for this exception? The UK Lotto is regarded as a public interest organization. The profits generated by the lottery are used in social and cultural actions, so it isn’t perceived in the same way as other gambling games.

Credit cards and UK casino gambling

According to our research, over 100 remote casinos offer credit card options to UK users. As a rule, we don’t recommend registering with these foreign online casinos. While these illegal casinos may seem reliable at first glance, the reality is quite different.
Play online casinos with a credit card
Illegal offshore casino sites have the unfortunate tendency to target UK players by allowing credit cards. They also offer free bonuses, which are a complete scam.

Illegal gambling and questionable practices

According to our studies, we’ve found that illegal online casinos only take money from players. What is scandalous is that as a consumer, you have no way of claiming justice. Based outside any verifiable legal structure, these online casinos are comparable to sites on the dark web. Complaints are constantly posted on forums concerning these offshore sites. These sites outside the UK have rigged games and never pay a single penny back. In addition, the marketers of these sites encourage compulsive gambling with the prospect of enormous potential gains.

Play at casinos with a debit card from the UK

If you don’t want a bad experience, you should never play for real money at a casino site that allows UK players to use a credit card. It’s significantly better to register with a legitimate casino site and limit yourself to authorized payment methods. In this area, the UK Casino Club is an online casino that offers reliable deposit options in the UK.
UK Casino Club

Reasons for banning the credit card

The restriction was put in place due to the high percentage of addicted gamblers who used credit cards. These players tended to bet beyond their financial means with money on credit. This caused severe problems (personal bankruptcies, loss of confidence within the company, etc.). In the face of this public order problem, the government decided to take action. And, to further discourage addicted gamers, the use of credit-linked e-Wallets has also been banned. In short, only non-credit deposit methods are now allowed on UK gambling sites.

Account verification

To protect public health interest, new methods of protection have been imposed on British online operators.
Rules in the UK for casino sites
When a UK player decides to register with an online casino, they must prove their identity before they can place any bets there. This step requires the operator to verify whether the new member has not usurped a third party’s identity. It is also a way of verifying whether the user is of legal age and not banned from gambling. To do this, the player must provide the operator with a copy of his passport as well as proof of residence.

Our review

The ban on the credit card in the gambling industry makes sense. According to Online Casino Today’s moderators in the UK, it’s an excellent way to fight against gambling addiction. Before this ban, the UK authorities faced numerous complaints related to gambling abuse. In fact, there were too many players addicted to gambling, and with the Internet’s popularity, the problem only grew.
By banning the credit card in casinos, the authorities aim to reverse the curve. The credit card ban will only reduce the number of UK players who tend to gamble excessively on credit.

Future prospects

The future will tell whether the UK government will need to take any further action. It would be beneficial, for example, to change the minimum age for playing at the casino from 18 to 21, but lawmakers ruled this option out. However, other limits are being explored, such as setting limits on the amount of money players can bet.