Casino affiliate programs in the UK. After testing many different gambling programs for affiliates, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best programs available for UK affiliates. We base this list on their performance over the last few years. However, it could be updated at any moment, depending on the amount of money earnt via the affiliate program. Aside from money, we also seriously consider the reputation of each online casino we promote. In other words, we only have partnerships with programs demonstrating respect, ethical standards and fair play.

Gambling and casino affiliate programs

We’ve given priority to online casinos accepting UK players. Some of these programs also promote other gambling sectors, such as sports betting and bingo. Furthermore, these programs accept players from many other countries, thus giving more chances to get results!
UKGC licensed casino affiliate programs

#1 – Rewards Affiliates

Our first choice on OCT is Rewards Affiliates – a reliable and honest program. The commitments of this group to affiliates is honest and trustworthy. With a standard deal, at RevShare, any affiliate who is active enough and has the audience can claim high results with Reward Affiliates’s program.

#2 – Casumo Affiliates

This program comes from one of the UK’s most popular online casinos. Casumo pops up frequently in the media and on casino guides. With their program, any affiliate can benefit from the expertise of this prestigious group. The tools provided are easy to set up, and their tracking system is top-notch.

#3 – Mr Green Affiliate

One of the UK’s best known and beloved bookies. UK webmasters and bloggers can look forward to working with Mr Green’s proven affiliate program. Although this brand is especially popular with gamblers at sporting events, the Mr Green online casino can be lucrative too. Mr Green is an iconic site in the UK as well as other countries.

Best deals and fear commission

We’ve listed the UK’s most reliable affiliate programs in the online casino niche on this page. Each of these programs are trusted partners in the online gambling sector. In terms of results and commissions, great deals can be done with these kinds of programs.

UK regulations

Affiliates may not be subject to the same kind of stringent rules as casino operators, but, it’s still critical to follow all the norms of the UKGC. In practice, casino operators should have an eye on their affiliate websites and their content. In fact, operators are responsible for what affiliates display on their media outlets (websites, blogs, etc.). If you aim to invest time and money in this sector, you’re better off publishing content which is legitimate in the UK. The best way to achieve this is to read all the rules imposed by the UKGC. The more reliable and well-written your content is, the better it’ll work in the long term.

Trustworthy programs

Since 2015, many casino operators have been questioned by the UKGC. The UKGC has found faults and misconduct on the part of some operators. Operators have been fined if they’ve been found to have deliberately acted against the interests of the players. As an affiliate, it’s important to know that the affiliate programs you’re partnering with follow the UKGC’s rules. Especially if you plan to invest in this business in the long term. In our opinion, it’s best to work with operators who’ve never had misconduct problems. Responsible gaming is a national priority in the UK, and everyone involved must know and apply it.

Other countries

The good thing about the affiliate programs listed above is that they’re available in high-potential markets on five continents. So, by promoting online casinos in the UK, you also have the opportunity to expand into other markets. In North America, Europe and Asia alone, business models can be made via the UK programs listed on this page.