The Fall of Casino 888 on the London Stock Exchange

888 Holdings, an online gambling company based in Gibraltar, is at the head of the famous online casino 888.
The stock of the holding company has fallen on the London stock exchange! Although the brand is an icon in casino games, the company has been facing a deep crisis for almost a year. Knowing this, casino slots may program their RTPs to a lower rate. This allows a casino gaming operator to generate new sources of income easily. However, this harms a player’s chances of winning a jackpot.
Will 888 Casino slot reprogram their games with lower rates than competing online casinos? According to their announcements, it is going in this direction! This would allow the holding company to generate profits temporarily, but at the expense of consumers.
888 online casino is on the decline

Faced with increasingly high operating costs and failing to maintain its market leader position, the 888 companies’ results have melted away like snow in the sun.

2022: 888 steadily declining

Since January 2022, the financial results of the 888 holding company have kept declining, and management costs have only increased. In this situation, many shareholders, unconvinced by the 888 group’s plan, sold their holdings en masse. As a result, the stock of the gambling company fell dramatically.

Downgrading on casino guides

We’ve seen the 888 brand disappear on high traffic casino guides. FYI, casino guides are vital to influencing and directing players. Web guides dedicated to casino games withdrew the 888 company from their sites because 888 downgraded its partnerships. Naturally, this didn’t go down well with many casino guide managers. As a result, some guides canceled their partnerships with the holding company.

Search for new investors

888 will have to find new money to hope to return to the market. Brand operators often invest colossal sums of money to ensure a strong audience on traffic-generating channels. For example, the 888 company used TV ads to convince thousands of new players to register with their iconic online brand. However, due to the recent sharp increase in borrowing rates, the holding company needs help convincing investors.

Shares of holding 888 fall on the London Stock Exchange

Rising borrowing rate

To reiterate, the 888 company has outstanding debts, and the borrowing rates of these debts have already increased, which only adds pressure. Moreover, the prospect of a looming global recession will not help to change the situation.

Rising regulatory costs

The stricter security measures in many countries to protect consumers against gambling addictions, such as Germany, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom, protecting consumers against gambling addictions led to a 10% drop in 888’s business volumes. In 2022, this decline came over a period of only a few months. So, this means that the security standards imposed by gambling commissions are halting the expansion of gambling-related businesses.

Football world cup effects

888 company executives expect their results to improve with the 2022 football world cup. Indeed, 888 is not just a casino, it also has a space solely for sports betting, and football is part of the offer.

Online poker and tournaments

Remember poker! Historically, 888 has been an iconic brand of the biggest online poker tournaments. Today, the holding company’s poker site enjoys many loyal players. These players are partly fans of poker, but also sports betting and casino games. All these loyal players produce good financial results for the 888 group, but more is needed to convince new shareholders.

Casino games and slot machines

Even though we don’t feature slot games from the 888 site in our guide, they do have an interesting offer. The reason we don’t highlight these games is because they are not provided by the top publishers in the industry. So, we are hesitant to send our readers to the games room. But, of course, if the casino games offer improves in the coming years, we may place the casino of the holding company at the top of our lists.

Market resilience and returns

Enjoying many years of global activity, the group at the head of 888 has had its ups and downs. Currently, the group’s leaders are under pressure, but they have seen worse. Indeed, in 2006, when the government banned online gambling in the USA, 888 Holding came close to bankruptcy. However, having been able to move into new markets, the company’s operators succeeded in becoming one of the most famous gambling sites in the world. Suddenly, on the London Stock Exchange, the holding company’s shares had risen to record levels. So, it is unlikely the 888 icon will disappear from the industry.

Investing in 888

Regarding stock market investments, taking a stake in Holding 888 could be a good deal. With the buy values of the company’s shares have fallen sharply, now might be a good time to get into the stock. On Friday, October 21, 2022, the group’s share was bought at £89. According to analysts, the stock’s value could easily double or triple in the next 12 months. This kind of deal is much better than winning strategies on Roulette games.

Caution and warnings

Betting on 888 could be worthwhile; however, as with online casino games, you must be careful. Moreover, thinking that it is easy to win big with stock market investments is like believing those millionaire jackpots are easy to win on slots. Admittedly, sometimes players land crazy jackpots, but honestly, only a small fraction of bettors walk away with the big prize.