Casino Games Redistribution Rate

The return to player (RTP) rate of a casino game is the ratio between the players’ bets and the money redistributed to all the players. This information guarantees that the online casino games return the money promised.
RTP rates return per player of casino games

Random Number Generator

A random number generator, the RNG, is integrated into any casino game. The only exception is live games with dealers like Roulette, Blackjack, Babbarat and Craps. There is indeed a theoretical payout rate with these games, but it applies according to the games played.
The RNG is related to the payout rate of a casino game. The RNG generator is programmed to its fixed RTP rate on a slot machine. However, when it comes to table games in electronic format, without a real dealer, there is also an RNG that randomly decides the results.

Odds of Winning

In casinos, each player has the same chances of winning. So obviously the more a player bets, the more their chances of winning (and losing) increase.
Overall, in gambling houses, there are always losers and winners! However, there are players with certain know-how who manage to win more often than others. Of course, the luck factor also plays a role.

RTP and Percentages

Casinos express the RTP as a percentage. The closer the RTP rate of a casino game is to 100%, the more balance there is between casinos and players. If a casino game had an RTP rate of 100%, there would be the same probabilities of winning, or losing. In fact, the difference between 100% and the RTP rate of a casino game represents the profit margin of the gambling houses.
If a slot machine has a payout rate of 95%, the casino keeps 5% of all bets made. So, out of £100 wagered, the casino keeps £5 and £95 is returned randomly to the players. In practice, this does not mean that each player receives 95% of their bets. There would be no point in playing to end up with a negative result. In fact, the lucky players win a large part of the money returned, and the others lose their bets.

A well-paying slot machine

An example of an online slot machine that pays well without necessarily betting big is the Hot Ink game from the publisher Microgaming. The game has an RTP rate of over 97%. The casino’s advantage is, therefore, less than 3% (100% minus the RTP of 97%). That means 97% of the money is going back to players. If you want to come out on top with this lot, withdraw from the game as soon as you win a jackpot.
If you are interested in the Hot Ink slot machine, you can play it on sites such as UK Casino Club and Zodiac Casino. Both of these are among the best online casinos in our web guide.

Slots and 96% RTP rates

The most prolific online casino jackpot games have rates close to 96%. These types of slot machines often pay out jackpots of over £25,000. In fact, the RTP rates of these slots are perfect for players looking for the slots that pay the best in terms of massive jackpots.

Slots and Giant Prizes

When it comes to games that pay the highest prizes at web casinos, progressive jackpot online slots take first place. Even if it is difficult to win the jackpot, these games pay the largest sums of money in the field of casinos. With multi-million jackpots up for grabs, it’s no wonder why these online slot machines are so popular!

Mega Moolah

Which online progressive slot pays out the biggest jackpots?

The Mega Moolah game! Hundreds of players try their luck every day on the internet. It is so popular because hundreds of casino sites have the Mega Moolah game in their catalog.

Mega Moolah RTP Rate

The RTP rate of the Mega Moolah game is 88.12%, and 8% of bets made by players contribute to the jackpot.

Slot machine variations

Slots are the casino games with the most variation in RTP rates because players are betting so often, and there are several betting levels. However, the slot machines are still calibrated with fixed RTP rates and monitored to guarantee authentic rates.

Online casino rates

If you plan to play at an internet casino, it’s only worth choosing a gambling den with the best RTP rate. Indeed, you can differentiate online casinos by their RTP rates. For example, some have RTP rates of 92% to 96%, while others show RTPs of 97%. However, the casino sites we display on our list of the best UK online casinos have 97% payout rates.

Redistribution rates close to 100%

You might assume that casino games with the highest RTP rates pay better. In theory, it is true, but in practice, it’s not always the case. For example, if you look at video poker, the game with the best RTP rate (+99%), it is impossible to win large jackpots. Why? Because players are often winning with this game, but minimal sums in each round. You would have to play it for hours and hours to hope to win, in the end, and with luck, maybe £100. The same goes for slot machines whose payout rate is 98% (or more). To find the happy medium, look for an RTP rate of around 96%. This is the guarantee of a real chance to win a huge jackpot.

Table games and high RTPs

The European Roulette and Blackjack table games produce good results in terms of RTP rates. Their RTPs are over 97%, and it is possible to win big in just a few taps. However, knowing the rules well with these table games increases your chances of winning. The best paying table game is Blackjack, and, with experience, you can win multiple times at Blackjack.

Game Rankings by RTP Rate

Video Poker+99%
Small Jackpot Slot MachinesApprox. 98%
European Roulette97.30%
Big Jackpot Slot MachinesApprox. 96%
Games with Massive Progressive JackpotsApprox. 90%
You have the best chance of winning at the casino if you choose Blackjack, European Roulette, and big jackpot slot machines. These games offer flexibility on all types of bets.
Between low and high betting limits, winning strategies, and budgets, these games have an excellent balance if you want to try to double or triple your winnings.
It’s a similar story for video poker. This game has a very high RTP, but you can’t win large sums of money.


The payout rates of casino games are reliable indicators. Each gambling house, whether on land or online, must display them. Each RTP is verified by online gambling commissions, as this data type has a legal obligation. In fact, on each casino game, commissions are responsible for checking the RTP rates at regular intervals every month.